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Accepting debit and credit cards

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Are you a customer of ours and want us to accept bank cards? Feel free to leave a comment.

As a small shop, it’s not easy to start accepting cards for payment.

Especially for the Kajakpolo Shop, which operates only several months per year on less than 10 competitions, it’s expensive to use a regular account for accepting cards. Prices are around € 100 per month in rent of the device and the required 4G connection. Including the 1-2% transaction fee, you are looking at about € 700 in costs for accepting about € 6000 in payments, which is ridiculous.

We are currently looking at a new payment provider that works with your tablet or smartphone to allow you to accept payments without renting an expensive device. The Payleven device costs € 79 and connects to your smartphone or tablet. After that, there is a 2.75% transaction fee. Total cost to accept € 6000 in payments: only € 244. The next year even less.

Have a look at Payleven if you have a shop and want to try it yourself.