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Belgian championships 2014


The Belgian season is at its end.
With the 4th day of canoe polo games over and done, it’s time to count the games and celebrate the victors.

First division

The new team GENT was on track for Belgian Champ since the beginning of the season and they didn’t disappoint. Not a single lost game and thus a flawless record of 42 points from 14 games, there was no stopping them.
It’s a bit surprising that they got beaten for the Belgian Cup.
The podium, however, was a bit shaken compared to last year. MOKKA made second spot before WKV (Champ 2013). In the final games, WKV got beaten by TRITON.
The losing team of this year is WKV 2, dropping to 2nd division next year.

Second division

The Champ in 2nd is RKV, well deserved. They too had a flawless record of 24 points from 8 games.
Read a nice writeup here: roeselaresport.be.
The rest of the podium: KNRS & BKK.
AKKC will no longer be playing in 2nd and will be replaced by TNT 2 for next year, congratulations to them for the promotion.