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First thoughts about some new rules


This weekend was the international tournament of Helmond.
It’s usually the first tournament I play, and since there were some new rules, the first time these got applied.

First off, the restart after a goal.
On paper, I find this an excellent rule, in practice, I find this a great rule for game-play but not easy to correctly ref in a tight game.

The rule explained:
Every time a goal is scored, the scoring team only has about 10 seconds to get back to their half. If there are at least 3 players back, the other team can already present the ball (at the center line) and restart the game. The players left behind on the opposing half can’t participate in the game until they return to their own half first.

The goal of the rule change is to make the game a little faster and find an answer to teams trying to stall a restart by leaving a man on the opposing half.
In essence, I think this is a great rule change. But there is a lot to be decided by the referee.
First, the referee needs to keep an accurate count of how many already crossed the line. Secondly, a lot of teams try to restart by sending their sprinters across the line BEFORE the ball has been presented. So the referee has to look for that as well.
And last, as with any new rule, the players aren’t always up to speed with the change and start complaining, resulting in extra cards.

The second rule change: no more chicken-wing
Personally, I never chicken-winged. So no change for me.
But from a referee point of view it’s a new rule with some area for discussion.
Guust (TNT) was already called back 4 times for making a high brace while having the ball chicken-winged. IMO this isn’t a foul, hence the discussion.