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Pick the right paddle length

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A canoe polo player with limited funds should definitely invest in a good paddle, it makes all the difference in the world.
But beware, a good paddle is worth nothing if it’s to short or to long, size does matter!

Sprint speed and length balance

A general rule when deciding the length of your paddle is sprint speed. If you have a shorter paddle, it’s easier to do small short strokes, increasing your acceleration.
However, if you go to short, you will be unable to block passes or shots, they will always be out of reach.

Deciding the length will always be a balance between these two givings.  

The goal keepers

The first group of canoe polo players that we need to distinguish are the goalies.
Goalies will usually have longer paddles. The first rule is, they need to be able to reach the top of the goal when extending their arm.
Paddles starting at 200cm and going up to 210cm are no exception.
Don’t exaggerate though, if you have a dynamic team, the goalie will also be involved in the game-play, so he will also be needing acceleration speed.

All-round players & defenders

The length for all-round players will reside somewhere in between 196cm and 202cm. If you have lots of power, you can take a length closer to the upper limit, if you favor speed over blocking range, go for shorter.

Sprinters & front players

Sprinters at game start and players in the front of the defending area have a lot more to gain with extra speed & acceleration than blocking range. So the rule here would be to go for shorter paddles. Up to 198cm is not a bad guideline.